Kværner enters the portal!

Kværner enters the portal!

SurplusHub International is proud to announce that we have been prequalified as a service provider for the entire Kværner organization and have been chosen as the company’s primary market point for surplus equipment worldwide.

As a result of the new agreement, Kværner’s surplus equipment will soon become available for all registered users of surplushub.com.

Kværner AS (Kvaerner) is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, but the company’s strong focus on environmental responsibilities and values are consistent throughout its global operations. As a result, unwanted scrapping, stocking and logistics are challenging factors.

– Kværner has a global presence, with ongoing operations in numerous key oil and gas industry hubs and regions. When handling de-commissioning projects and extensive field- and technology development projects we are left with substantial excess units and materials; assets that can be put to good use by other industry players and companies. Having the option to bring those assets to market in an efficient, lucrative and environmentally friendly way was key in our decision to choose SurplusHub as a partner, says Kværner’s Project Procurement Manager, Thomas Nygaard.

For SurplusHub the new agreement is a welcome addition, as it adds even more options for our portal users and further solidifies our position as a truly global online marketplace.

– Kværner is known for their high quality products and services, and being able to offer surplus from their operations through our global user database will significantly improve both our range and overall attractiveness. We are very excited!, says SurplusHub CEO Per Kåre Liland.

The addition of Kværner assets to our online portal will start immediately and will continue to expand and grow in the weeks and months to come.

Visit surplushub.com today to become a part of the online surplus market revolution.

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